"Motivation with Michael! Educating in the prevention of alcoholism, drug addiction and suicide, risk-taker and money maker with 30 years of Entrepreneurship. I help make a difference. I speak to motivate, inspire and wrote my book to educate. I created my Speaking Competitions, Got Teen Talent competitions and dance seminars to help build confidence, especially within our youths. ​Growing up with an abusive mother, an alcoholic father, becoming an alcoholic by 13, introduced to drugs and becoming a drug addict by 15, attempting suicide by jumping off a 250-foot cliff at 17 with the doctors saying, "This one will not live." Waking up out of a coma after 3 weeks, I spent the next 2 years re-learning to walk, talk and function in life all over again, and made a 100% recovery. By 21, I started my first business with not much money and no knowledge of business, but my determination led me to being a successful entrepreneur for the next 3 decades. 
I change thoughts, lives, families and lifestyles to success!"

Questions? Need info on my speaking events or book, contact Michael Roberts: 310-890-3348 / Mroberts1[email protected]


     "I participated in the South Pasadena event hearing Michael speak. This was a grassroots community event that was put on with heart by Michael Roberts and his team. The authenticity and goodness in Michael Roberts and his event was heartwarming. His speaking is captivating and inspiring, seeing everyone and those kids with full attention, and their friends and family surrounding them with love and support... that's what it's all about. "
Gail Lee
Arbonne International  

     "Thank you Michael for making this event possible! You are the real champion of change in our people, youth and eventual society. It takes risk takers like you to make it all happen so thank you!"
Best Regards
Pierre T
Riverside CA

     "Hi Michael, thanks for reaching out. It was a really nice event. It was great seeing the kids share their craft and be encouraged to continue music and performing arts. Thanks for the invite. I had a nice time."
Onesha S
South Pasadena CA

     "Hi Michael Roberts! Just wanted to let you know, thanks for giving me an opportunity!"
Emily L
Rosemead CA

      "Michael Roberts You put on a beautiful event tonight my friend. I'm so proud of you and your work. You inspire our youths and people to do and be better, you continue to amaze me."
Rebecca W
Glendora CA

     "Michael Roberts, it was such an amazing experience. Such incredible talent you have in pulling everyone in and listening to you."
Norka R
Los Angeles CA

     "Hello Michael, " Thank you so much for inviting us to your motivational presentation. Our employees and the youths really enjoyed themselves and your speech made an impact on them as well as everyone who attended. I was informed that the youths returned home and shared your story with their peers. We truly appreciate you sharing your life story with us. "
Thanks, Tasian Taylor 
Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services 
Program Manager, Residential Treatment

     "I have had the pleasure of attending two of Michael Roberts speaking events. He is an excellent engaging speaker. He shares his story with raw emotion." 
Tony Passarella
Los Angeles CA

     "Thank you Michael Roberts for coming to our youth and giving them your amazing story. You are such a great motivational speaker as I admire your talents and success. You did such a great job, I strive to be able to touch people with speaking the way you do. YOU had their attention and THAT is hard to do. So impressed !"
Jaclyn Roberta Farichild
Professional Youth Counselor
Pasadena CA

     "I wish you much success, God bless you for sharing your story and trying to help others !"
Tracey Atkin
Arcadia CA

     "Hearing you speak is very moving Mike....it's like being there as you tell it....I am so incredibly proud of you!!!!!"
Beth Beaumont
Sarasota FL