"Motivation with Michael! Educating in the prevention of alcoholism, drug addiction and suicide, risk-taker and money maker with 30 years of Entrepreneurship. I help make a difference. I speak to motivate, inspire and wrote my book to educate. I created my Speaking Competitions, Got Teen Talent competitions and dance seminars to help build confidence, especially within our youths. ​Growing up with an abusive mother, an alcoholic father, becoming an alcoholic by 13, introduced to drugs and becoming a drug addict by 15, attempting suicide by jumping off a 250-foot cliff at 17 with the doctors saying, "This one will not live." Waking up out of a coma after 3 weeks, I spent the next 2 years re-learning to walk, talk and function in life all over again, and made a 100% recovery. By 21, I started my first business with not much money and no knowledge of business, but my determination led me to being a successful entrepreneur for the next 3 decades. 
I change thoughts, lives, families and lifestyles to success!"

Questions? Need info on my speaking events or book, contact Michael Roberts: 310-890-3348 / Mroberts1[email protected]

"When I speak, I inspire, I motivate, I teach Success, I show success and I educate success."

First off, this is not about a job, this is a passion that I have to help people overcome whatever issues they have and to be successful. Anything you have been through, I have been there, experienced it, lived it, overcame it and I am the definition of taking nothing and making it something. I believe in a solution to any issues, not talk, but show success and not only is my 3/4/7 program a solution but it allows you to be successful in anything you chose to do, your work, a business, a mother, a father, a son, a daughter, and this usually entails a life change of some sort on a small or bigger picture of it. My program teaches success, and believe me when you put the 3 B's together with the 4 C's, and the 7 steps to success, then you get the 3 / 4 / 7 Method to Success Program. It's a process of defining the 3/4/7 into your lifestyle, being accountable and focusing on implementing these into your life, and success follows!

I talk about it because I lived it.​ It's simple, everything I talk about are real issues. When you have 1 in 10 people abusing alcohol and/or drugs, 1 in 6 people considering suicide, 1 in 12 attempting it and an estimated 815,000 people committing suicide in this world on a yearly basis, I'm going to educate and help decrease the numbers of this epidemic. Did you know that 3 of the top leading reasons for suicide especially in teens are divorce, alcohol and drug abuse. I am a perfect example of this statistic and I am out to help stop these issues. Do you know why people, especially teenagers attempt or commit suicide? Not to end their life but to end the pain. I can't put a 100% stop to this demon and disease, because we have to think in the reality of it, those alcohol companies aren't going away, the drug cartels aren't going away, and divorce is inevitable in some marriages, but I can certainly decrease the numbers and I am and I will keep doing it as long as I breathe.

"I educate in the prevention of Alcoholism, Drug Addiction and Suicide. 
I help make a difference in all avenues with people and our youths!"

You better believe Health & Fitness is part of being successful. Your health will help you be successful and I guide you, advise you, and show you how Heath & Fitness is vital. I teach you the nutrients, the 3 nutrients your body needs, and the 3 W's, why, what and when to eat. Health & Fitness builds and strengthens your immune system, meaning less sick days. It speeds up your metabolism, meaning you're burning more calories during your daily routine of life. It boosts your energy level, meaning more energy, you're more productive, both at work and in life. You sleep better, you feel healthy, you look healthy and you are healthy. I educate you on this vital importance of life, Health & Fitness. Being in the Health & Fitness for 30 years, when you hear me speak, you will understand when I say, "I owe it to the savior of my life."

There are so many traits to be successful, and I go over them, but there are 2 that you better be able to do in order to be successful, I discuss them. DMW are other traits to success, and when you have the traits of DMW, you can be successful at anything you set your mind too. When you get done hearing me speak, I guarantee you will walk away, motivated and inspired to reach your goals and hit those levels of success. I don't tell you about success, I show you. I give real life experiences so you can see that what I speak about will work. I will better you, I will change your lifestyle simply by hearing me speak, and for the better. But, and a big but, you better be ready to RISE. In order to be successful in anything, you need to rise above and beyond. Success doesn't fall on your lap, and it certainly doesn't happen overnight, you make it happen, you RISE! "If it's to be, it's up to me."