"Motivation with Michael! Educating in the prevention of alcoholism, drug addiction and suicide, risk-taker and money maker with 30 years of Entrepreneurship. I help make a difference. I speak to motivate, inspire and wrote my book to educate. I created my Speaking Competitions, Got Teen Talent competitions and dance seminars to help build confidence, especially within our youths. ​Growing up with an abusive mother, an alcoholic father, becoming an alcoholic by 13, introduced to drugs and becoming a drug addict by 15, attempting suicide by jumping off a 250-foot cliff at 17 with the doctors saying, "This one will not live." Waking up out of a coma after 3 weeks, I spent the next 2 years re-learning to walk, talk and function in life all over again, and made a 100% recovery. By 21, I started my first business with not much money and no knowledge of business, but my determination led me to being a successful entrepreneur for the next 3 decades. 
I change thoughts, lives, families and lifestyles to success!"

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Growing up with divorced, alcoholic and abusive parents, I turned to drugs and alcohol at a early age. With no discipline and the freedom to do whatever I wanted, alcohol and drugs became my way of life. 

On Dec 5th, 1985 at the age of 17, I felt as if the only way out was to end my life. I bought a 12-pack of beer and stood overlooking a 250 foot cliff. I began thinking and said to myself, "What a relief it would be for my parents to know that the mistake they had once made in me, was no longer around". As I stood looking down, I heard a voice, I turned to look back and saw a police officer standing as he said, "It’s not worth it please don’t do it." I then looked at him and said, "I’m sorry" and then I JUMPED!

Little did I know I would jump into the arms of an angel that the Good Lord Above would send to me. Falling and tumbling down to the bottom, I was helicoptered to a hospital with the Doctors saying, "This one will not live." I slipped into a coma and began the fight of my life, having to learn to re-walk, talk and write all over again, having many broken bones to heal, remarkably 2 years of rehab later, and with nothing but scars to show, I made a full recovery. 

30 years later I'm out to make a difference with kids, teenagers, young adults, adults and parents. I grew up not caring about life, MY JUMP AND LIFE EXPERIENCES changed my way of thinking and SAVED MY LIFE!

"They call me a Life Survivor, some call me a Motivational Speaker, 
they also say my Story and Testimony is Inspirational

With everything happening in our nation today and with the statistics rising in teen suicide, alcohol and drug abuse, I decided to come out with my powerful, uplifting, motivating, inspiring, eye opening and life changing testimony and story! I want to reach out to the youths of America, families, teenagers and adults in helping them chose different paths then The Dark Paths that I once chose. 

I speak throughout our nation from doing radio interviews, speaking at schools, communities, fundraisers, seminars, corporate companies or wherever I can reach out with my life experiences. I preach the philosophy of Children See, Children Do and when you hear me speak, or read my book, you will understand exactly why I preach it. The name, Michael Roberts: The Dark Path, Chosen came from me leading some Dark Paths throughout my life but at the end of the day, we choose those Dark Paths. I do not feel that any child should learn the way that I learned so I speak so you can hear. The best thing about when I talk is that you hear it from a real person, someone you can relate to, someone who speaks from experiences,  someone who LIVED THESE ISSUES !

I was raised in Detroit, Michigan to divorced, alcoholic and abusive parents. I grew up watching my parents battle in hatred of each other and put me in the middle. I witness my father beat my mother and my mother beat me in frustration of the mistake and resentment she made in me. My mother was the abusive parent both physically and verbally and my father was the alcoholic. Throughout my life, my father was married 7 times and my mother 3. I grew up having 16 step brothers and sisters come in and out of my life, aside from my 2 half sisters. By the age of 13, I became an alcoholic, by 15 my mother caught me drinking and kicked me out of the house to live with my father. I was sent to go live with an alcoholic, the question, which has a simple answer, do you think my alcoholism got better or worse? You got it, it got worse ! By 15, I was introduced to drugs and became a drug addict. The cycle of this demon and controlling disease was beginning. 

The difference between living with my mother and my father. Living with my mother was like living in prison as she was controlling, overly strict and abusive. Each day was like walking on egg shells, I would just wait for her temper to explode as that became a normal routine. Living with my father, I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted and didn't have any discipline whatsoever . 

One of the most traumatic experiences happen to me when I was 16, depression and guilt set in as I lost my best friend due to alcohol and drugs. I suggested one friday, lets skip school and go party at the cliffs in Dana Point where we lived. We did, and on his way back, he lost his balance and fell 250-feet down to his death. The guilt of suggesting to go, the life I was living, without having any direction or any one to talk to, my cycle of alcohol and drugs got worse. At 17 years of age, I woke up and decided I just didn't want to be on this earth any longer so I went to that same cliff and jumped, attempting to end my life! 

Unlike my friend, I survived with the doctors saying, "This one will not live." After waking out of my coma 3 weeks later, I told myself, "I'm going to Get Up, Look Up and Never Give Up." I had to dig deep within me to pull that inner strength and motivation out of me because I had to learn to walk, talk and write all over again. I had to learn to function all over again and 2 years later, I walked away from rehab with a 100% full recovery with nothing but scars on my body. I defeated the odds, but most importantly defeated those demons that tried to take me down.

After my recovery, I moved to Los Angeles, California to begin my adult life. My 1st job was in what I loved to do, health & fitness, a job at a health club. After 2 years of learning how to sell and being able to talk to people, I decided I wanted to start my own business, I had a dream and I wanted to make 100% of the money and not just a tiny commission. With little money and little business knowledge, I took my dream, created an idea and then set my goals.

I had $700 dollars to my name and had my eye set on a clothing business, with everyone telling me, "There is no way you can start a clothing business and compete against all the other clothing companies." I always responded with, "You know what? You are probably right but I'm going to and succeed." 

For the next 2 years I worked my job at the health club full time, personal trained clients and worked on growing my clothing business. I began selling my clothes at health clubs on the weekends from the trunk of my car to selling at all the swap meets and finally made a brochure to send it out to any retail store who would look at it. After 3 years and working 3 jobs I was getting tired but I was not going to give up and was determined to make it happen. Finally my opportunity came, I got the phone call I dreamt of, 10,000 shorts in which I'd profit $50,000 dollars. The issue, I had to get it done in 3 weeks and was short $10,000 to get them made. With the help of 2 friends, one borrowed me the $10,000 dollars, the other said she will get her team together and get them done. Three weeks later they were finished and delivered. When I went to return the check for $10,000, my friend took the check, ripped it in half, put it back in my hand and said, "Michael, I have had family to this day still not pay me back, you are not even family and yet you paid me back in 3 weeks. Take this check and let it help your business grow." 

I did exactly that and over the next 8 years became known as Fitness Clothes to the Stars. I always preach about never forgetting and these two friends I will never forget.

I went on to continue in the business world from real estate, the restaurant industry, hosting, coordinating and promoting events for different companies, health clubs and people in the entertainment business, leading me to what I'm doing today, a speaker, a counselor, an author, a health & fitness expert, a nutritionist, a successful entrepreneur and most importantly, my life surviving skills of motivation, determination and that will to never give up helps me make a difference in our society!

When I speak I share my 7-steps to success and my famous phrase, "If It's To Be, It's Up To Me!" Simply meaning if you want something, then go get it. I taught myself, success doesn't happen overnight and it certainly doesn't fall in your lap! 

     "When you Look Up" (because the Good Lord above is there to help),
     When you Get Up" (I taught myself that if you don't get up then you can't accomplish your dreams or goals) 
     and When you NEVER GIVE UP,
then you can create anything you set your mind to. Throughout my life I have always heard many people say, "No you can't!" Which meant to me, "Yes I can," but I needed to PROVE IT ! Yes I can are only words, Proving is the action that makes it all come true."