"Motivation with Michael! Educating in the prevention of alcoholism, drug addiction and suicide, risk-taker and money maker with 30 years of Entrepreneurship. I help make a difference. I speak to motivate, inspire and wrote my book to educate. I created my Speaking Competitions, Got Teen Talent competitions and dance seminars to help build confidence, especially within our youths. ​Growing up with an abusive mother, an alcoholic father, becoming an alcoholic by 13, introduced to drugs and becoming a drug addict by 15, attempting suicide by jumping off a 250-foot cliff at 17 with the doctors saying, "This one will not live." Waking up out of a coma after 3 weeks, I spent the next 2 years re-learning to walk, talk and function in life all over again, and made a 100% recovery. By 21, I started my first business with not much money and no knowledge of business, but my determination led me to being a successful entrepreneur for the next 3 decades. 
I change thoughts, lives, families and lifestyles to success!"

Questions? Need info on my speaking events or book, contact Michael Roberts: 310-890-3348 / Mroberts1[email protected]


It started in 2010 when I was hosting an event in New York, I spoke for the first time. That speaking event got my testimony and story recognized. I did a 15 minute radio interview from it, and that interview helped a teenage daughter realize from hearing me speak that she could chose the right path. I then did my research on the demon and disease of alcohol and drugs, and what it is doing to our youths, something I was aware of because I went through it . When I saw the alarming statistics, I knew I had to start speaking, and knew my testimony and story could make a difference.

During the year of 2011, I set a plan of attack to speak and reach out, in 2012, I set my plan in motion. I spoke every where, to anyone that would listen. I spoke in front of 3 people, hundreds of people and spoke for free. I did more radio interviews, television interviews, newspaper interviews, and that got my testimony and story even further recognizable. I was becoming the face of putting a stop to suicide, especially within our youths. I drove miles, at times to cities where I had to stay in a hotel for the night. I made trips to schools leaving my house at 5AM to be there by 8AM, rain or shine, if I made it a point to be there, I got there. Not only did I speak for free, I spent my own money to get there, whether it was driving or flying, food, hotels or time, it didn't matter to me, I needed to speak so I could make a difference, I needed to be heard!

Like I have been my entire life, I was motivated, determined and had that will to accomplish my goal: to help people succeed, to save lives, to bring families together, to educate in the prevention of this demon and disease of alcoholism and drug addiction that has brought heart break and sufferings to many. Over the year of 2012, I heard the people speak, I met people who had experienced exactly what I had. When I did a speaking event at a youth risk rehab center in California, and had a 15 year kid, stand up in the middle of his 90 other peers and say, "Michael I want to be like you, I want to quit" I knew I wanted this to be my life and turn this into a business, a lifetime business of forever helping make a difference.

In the year of 2013, I did just that, I took all the years of my business knowledge and made it a business. I was now getting paid for my speaking events, companies, cities, schools, rehab centers were paying me to speak in front of their people. I got companies who saw the same vision as me, to sponsor my events, which only helped me put on bigger events, and that only meant more people to hear me speak. But, I still had places that could not pay me, and I always replied, "If you have people, especially youths wanting to hear me, money is not going to make me say no, I'll still do it, lets set a day and time." Over the year I kept having requests of, "You should write a book of your life story" Good idea, one big issue, I never read a book in my life, literally, never, so how was I possibly going to write one? Solution, I was motivated and determined to research and learn to. 

I spent the year of 2014 doing just that, I wrote my book. I still had my speaking events, just not as many because I wanted to solely focus on writing my book. After writing it, I researched how to edit a book and then edited my book all by myself. I had to dig deep and be open about everything, many times I would have to take a break because the tears would get in the way, I walked outside, took a breathier and then came back to finish. By April of 2015, my book was done, published and I started my goal of getting my book out for people to read. It was time to promote it. I began my book signing tour, at my speaking events, book stores and who ever bought my book, I signed it! I knew my book was now making a difference when I was approached by a lady on Venice Beach in California. She asked me if I was Michael Roberts, that Motivational Speaker, I replied, "That's me" I happen to have a book with me, she said she has been meaning to buy it, so I sold it to her and signed it. 

The year of 2016 and 2017 is dedicated back to speaking, creating better avenues like, Got Teen Talent? A youth talent competition, helping bring confidence within our youths and taking our dance seminars, dance camps and dance school so the whole world can learn from our celebrity dance professionals. Also, this year is dedicated to bringing my acclaimed book, to a featured movie. My speaking events, and everything that comes with it, will be taken to the next level. As stated, a percentage of proceeds are going to help in the education and prevention of suicide, alcoholism and drug addiction, but on top of that, I include my ways and the experience I have taken to be successful in my life, those ways helped in this journey, and it will help you too. I'm bringing our tour every where starting in California, so if we're coming to a city near you, join us for an evening of not only inspiration, but motivation, determination and that will to never give up!